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Leading with Purpose: An evening with Anja Monrad, former SVP Dell Technologies & Board Professional

At the end of 2023 we hosted an intimate meet-up with Anja, where she shared a lot of learnings from her 30-year career span, including joining board seats and how she managed the opportunities that arose for her while at Dell Technologies. 

My top 5 favorite lessons are:

💪 Focus on the areas that you are really good at to showcase your top skills.

⬆️ Simplify it! Take it one milestone at a time. This will help you be focused. 

🤝 Identify what are your “must wins” battles and guide your energy on those. 

📍 Prepare a successor to plan your career advancement. 

☕️ Start building backward to set your goals: from your 50s to your 30s and look at the process in 5 years' time.

As part of my work with Femme Lead, we bring exceptional professionals at our events to inspire and guide the audience with actionable advice.

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