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Charting Your Course: Femme Lead X Monta Networking Event on Building Successful Start-up Careers

We organized a successful event titled "Charting Your Course: Building Successful Start-up Careers in Denmark" which featured insights into becoming a start-up founder, raising capital, and excelling in the Danish start-up scene. 

Attendees had the opportunity to engage in a dynamic panel discussion with industry experts, including Casper Rasmussen, CEO of Monta, who shared the captivating origin story of the company - born from real-life frustration, transformed into innovation. He and his co-founder bought a few charge points and reverse-engineered them, quickly understanding that UX and process improvement are not an isolated problem.

I also joined the panel hosted afterward alongside Sara Sande from EIFO and Charlotte Searle from Too Good To Go, moderated by Violeta Todorova, Chief of Staff at Monta to discuss perspectives on VC, start-up funding and opportunities for growth in fast paced companies inspired by my own experience in building start-ups and now working for a CVC.

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