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Hello, I'm Alexandra,

I'm a salsa lover and a hiking enthusiast, and I appreciate a good conversation. I love nature because it reminds me of my childhood in Romania. I relocated to Denmark a few years ago, and today, hygge is part of my vocabulary.

I always wanted to build a life where I work passionately for things that matter. I have been fortunate to meet amazing people throughout my journey that inspired me to follow my dreams and build strong communities around the world.

With a background in business and innovation, I worked for companies in the scaling phase to build robust internal processes and strategies to navigate growth. I grew professionally in roles within business development, product management, and venture.

In 2020, I started Femme Lead Podcast to provide young women with role models for their career from international communities. I interview amazing women in leadership positions to discuss career paths, share advice, and inspire the next generation of leaders to take charge of their journey and build their dream lives. 

I am very involved in my community with Femme Lead where we host events to inspire women to take charge of their careers, Having started joining volunteering activities at the age of 17, I grew up to be part of the Rotary family, Interact and Rotaract, and the European Rotaract Information Center as a board member until 2021.


I often felt that I need to find my tribe, and through extracurricular activities, I got familiar with the fantastic world of community engagement and leadership development. I joined many programs and activities in organizations such as Aspire Education, Volunteers for Ideas and Projects, Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark, Future Leaders Global and the Global Shapers, part of WEF.

I genuinely believe that those experiences helped shape who I am today.

I am a Nordic Women in Tech Awards finalist, named in the Top 5 Initiatives of the Year in 2021 with Femme Lead and I am involved in many initiatives related to the U.N.'s sustainable development goals, primarily SDG #5 focused on gender equality.

I am an experienced speaker and moderator, eager to connect with inspiring individuals and positively influence the world.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or drop me a message if you think we can collaborate and build something together. 

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