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I build communities around things that matter.


Career Breakthrough
In collaboration with
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Join the movement!

Career Breakthrough was the first step to bringing together the community of Femme Lead in Denmark for a one-day event aimed to inspire and give actionable advice about career progression.


Our mission is to advance women in leadership, and the best way to support this initiative is to bring together people in a safe space where they can network and ask questions. 


See the recap below:

Speaking Portfolio



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From business development to product management and venture building, I enjoy discussions where I get to elaborate on different business practices and engage in fruitful conversations to better the world. 

My experience includes public speaking and moderating panel discussions at events such as Tech Festival, Tech BBQ, Product Drive, Product Led Growth Festival and various other tech-focused events.



As a moderator and organizer, I am involved in many initiatives in Denmark and across Europe. 

As a content creator, I focus on showcasing the strengths of each speaker. I build a story of how we can all benefit from acquiring such skills. I love to ask revealing questions and encourage knowledge sharing and deep diving into critical topics to benefit the audience. 


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For the last few years, I built a thought leader profile on the world's largest professional social media platform where I enjoy sharing learnings from my professional experience. 

I use the opportunity to share the importance of branding online with stakeholders in different environments. In companies and institutions, I tailored the advice for each individual use case.  


I have worked with Alexandra on a few projects, including our conference for product managers 'Product Drive' and the 'Women in Product' post.


Alexandra is not only extremely knowledgeable and professional but also has an amazing work ethic and is super-friendly. Her talk on the experimentation framework was one of the most popular talks at our event.


I wouldn't hesitate to work with Alexandra again in the future!

Emilia Korczyńska
Marketing Manager

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