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Joining the Venture Client Unit at Maersk Growth

LET’S EXPLORE! 🚀 I’ve recently joined Maersk Growth as program lead for the new venture client unit EXPLORE! ⚡

📈 Maersk Growth is the venture arm of A.P. Moller - Maersk, with the mission to digitise, democratise and decarbonise supply chains. The company invests in and partners with talented startups, scaleups, and visionary innovators focused on the supply chain.

⛰️ The EXPLORE team at Maersk Growth works with the venture client model to broaden the innovation toolkit of Maersk and is spread across four global locations in the US, Europe, India, and China. Like other known venture client units, EXPLORE works with startups to provide solutions to solve Maersk’s near-term business problems, opening opportunities to become a vendor of Maersk and thereby driving value to both parties. I’ve joined the HQ team in Denmark to help bring Maersk further into the startup ecosystem.

A huge thanks to Camilla Ley Valentin for the trust to impact Maersk’s mission and drive the innovation agenda to solve some of the world’s most important challenges. 🙌 🤩

I am joining a fantastic team in Growth under the leadership of Shereen Zarkani and I am so motivated by the mission and the culture I’ve seen.

Follow Maersk Growth for the latest updates and check Medium for use cases in Growth:

If you think your start-up can help Maersk's mission, feel free to drop me a message.

Here we go! 💥💥💥

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