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Empowering Women on the Journey to Career Success: Recap of Femme Lead X BCG Event

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

I'm thrilled to share the incredible moments from the recent Femme Lead X Boston Consulting Group (BCG) event that took place at the Femme Lead Podcast. Our aim is to empower women to map out their way to a fulfilling career, and yesterday's event with guest speaker Marianne Dahl was nothing short of inspirational!

Marianne graced us with her presence and shared her remarkable career story, along with three invaluable pieces of advice. The event was an open platform where nothing was off the table during our engaging Q&A session.

We delved into topics such as career progression, navigating the focus in one's 20s and 30s, reflections on reaching C-level roles, balancing career and motherhood, and Marianne's experiences since joining BCG and working closely with new generations in an advisory role.

There were so many incredible takeaways from the event, but let me share a few gems with you (and make sure to check our social media for more insights!):

1. Look at your career from a broader perspective. Embrace diverse experiences that will help you build a well-rounded profile for C-level and board positions.

2. Don't limit yourself to one specific role throughout your career. Seize opportunities to step into unfamiliar roles and companies where you can continuously learn and grow.

3. Seek supportive managers who promote your growth and are willing to take chances on you during your 20s and 30s.

4. Embrace difficult times and crises as opportunities for personal and professional growth. Don't shy away from challenging situations; they often lead to significant breakthroughs.

5. Embrace the concept of love and loss in your career. Don't be afraid of losing a job, and if you encounter failure, view it as a valuable learning experience, ideally occurring earlier in your career when the stakes are lower.

6. Remember that staying in your comfort zone as your career progresses is an illusion of safety. Taking calculated risks becomes increasingly important as you advance in your professional journey.

7. Reflect on the purpose of your work. As you grow older, you'll question the reasons behind what you do. Finding a deeper sense of purpose will bring a fulfilling dimension to your career beyond just the role itself.

A massive THANK YOU goes out to our incredible community, which once again filled the room with energy and enthusiasm. We also extend our gratitude to our hosts at Orangeriet and the BCG team for providing a fantastic breakfast spread. Special thanks to Mathilde Sindal Bjørn, Mathilde Lerche, Melina Langfritz, Violeta Todorova, and many others for their unwavering support and for helping us promote our mission and the value our community brings.

Reflecting on the event, it's a dream come true to see such moments unfold, especially considering the beginnings of recording the podcast in my apartment during the lockdown in 2020. I'm truly grateful for our loyal and passionate community, as well as the incredible team behind Femme Lead. You make it all worthwhile. Thank you!

P.S. We regularly share our initiatives online, but if you want to stay up to date with our upcoming events, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Don't miss out on the exciting opportunities and empowering experiences that lie ahead!

With gratitude and empowerment,


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