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What's the key to personal branding?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

A guide to thought leadership and branding on LinkedIn

Navigating ways of building a personal brand online and starting to be perceived as a thought leader requires first being a professional in your line of work. Most likely, you want to bring clarity and share your knowledge to a broader audience, receive feedback, and engage in meaningful conversations. Creating a compelling online presence requires insights into a specific topic that can help readers and inspire action.  

LinkedIn gives its users a channel to network, enable sales opportunities, and creates thought leaders through the platform's reach. LinkedIn has more than 500 million users, where 40% access it daily. 

Consistency is the no. 1 focus when it comes to building a personal brand. Sharing knowledge with the right audience will increase reach and allow you to interact with the professionals who will ultimately be trusted followers of your content. 


Here are three steps to build a brand on LinkedIn: 

1. Build a professional profile  

  • Start by keeping your profile clean & updated. Please pay attention to all the updates you add and keep it professional. 

  • Ask for skills endorsements. You can add up to 50 skills that other users can endorse you for, such as communication, strategy, finance.  

  • Ask for recommendations from peers and employers. Personalize the message when sending the request. 

  • Share relevant content - as much as you can!  

2. Create an audience 

  • Be open to new connections. Add relevant links based on your industry/segment. 

  • Connect after networking events. Express appreciation. 

  • Share/Like/Comment weekly on related content and join discussions. 

  • Use" Note" to connect with new users. Personalize the message and share why you believe the contact should join your network. Be genuine.  

3. Become a thought leader 

  • Post strategically: find your topic and add value by sharing tips, personal stories, learnings, and advice. 

  • Create how-to posts, and list posts as the formats are easy to follow and accessible for readers.  

  • Vary the format: use videos, write articles, share guides & infographics, and give credit to your data sources. 

  • Mention people you know will find your content relevant. Comment or tag in your original post.  

And remember... 

Key Sharing #1

What is usual to you, it's a treasure for someone else

• Our understanding creates value for others 

• Thought leadership should deliver facts, insights, and substance 

Key Sharing #2

Your viewpoint is as legit as anyone else's on the subject-matter

• You don't become an expert overnight 

• Relevance, timeliness, and referrals from trusted sources matter the most 

Key Sharing #3

Take your chances to understand what works best for you

• Test different topics you are directly interested in, or you work with 

• Write and speak about your personal experience 

Until next time, I challenge you to start sharing your thoughts on LinkedIn.


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